Our Team


A Few Words About our Team

Our Team members have over 200 years of Cutting edge and combined experiences in Engi-neering, Water, Wastewater , Nutrition, Environment Health & Safety dealing with bio-security, Nanotechnology. We do Eco footprint studies for our own projects, including water footprint) ecological risk assessment and long term sustainability of resources and profits are other areas we focus on.

Meet Our Team!

Pranay Kumar

Chief Environment Officer

24 Years in sustainability projects are his forte. An MBA from Hult & Harvard with an Electrical engineering degree to boot, he is the founder of Vasudha, with sustainable innovations and renewable energy as main objectives respectively.

  • Sustainability : Worked with IXL consulting firm on sustainable businesses and models in Boston.
  • Innovation strategy: Advised on domains of water and intelligence to CERA (largest energy consulting firm in the world.
  • White Paper Strategy challenges of solar energy players. Writes in different journals and magazines on water, waste management, biodegradable plastics, solar energy.
  • Interests Nanotechnology, published articles on solar energy and sustainability. 
    Writes on the intersection of technology and socio-economic issues.

Dr. Sapna Balhara

Chief Operating Officer & Solid Waste Management Expert
with Greenworks,

Sapna has more than 20 years of experience in a wide repertoire of sustainability projects, from Drinking water treatment and hydraulics to solid waste management and health.

A Dentist by qualification and passionate sustainability expert few of his expertise areas are:

  • Drinking Water Treatment and Microwave Pyrolysis of Biomedical waste.
  • Biodegradable Plastics, Solid Waste Management through Bacterial Natural Method and Microwave Pyrolysis