Greenworks the brand name of Vasudhaecofriends simply means Green Works. This implies sustainable methods of usage works better than present pattern of mindless consumption.

Integrated Solid Waste Management using our own Rotocomposter for making Compost from Domestic and Municipal Waste and Managing Inorganic Recyclable Waste like Plastics, Carboard, Paper, Glass.

Currently we are implementing Solid Waste Management in National Capital Territory Region in Societies of until 60 Tons/Month of Organic Waste and 50-60 Tons per month of Inorganic Waste as per SWM 2016 Rules and saving Thousands of tons of Carbon emissions.       

We are also sustainability consultants with Large Consulting Firms for Plastics, Water and Solid Waste. 

We are working on sustainability projects with industries, municipalities and state governments on end to end solution for Drinking water and solid waste management. We work with a combination of technologies like Bioremediation; IR & Microwave Pyrolysis, Bio-chemical engineering, Microbiology. Our solutions work with new structures/processes and also can be retrofitted with older processes/structures.   

                                                  Few Applications

1) Recycling of Plastics

2) Sanitary Waste Treatment (IR & Microwave Pyrolysis Highest rated by CPCB)  

3) Large scale Organic Solid Waste treatment and Plastic