Our range of product in biodegradable plastic products is BioD, which can make  ANY type of plastic “biodegradable” as defined by ISO and ASTM standards. Our product has food grade lab reports from Indian Institute of Packaging, CIPET & Intertek labs, India. 

Currently we have clients across India and across different types of polymers from PE to PET to BoPET, BoPP etc.

Vasudha Projects is Global company. A few companies & Countries working with BioD are Indian Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation, Godrej, UFLEX, VACMET,  KELZAI Beverages, CLEAR WATER, Attitude Plastics, CISCO Sri Lanka, UAE, PROTEK, RUSSIA.  TEKPAK Canada, &USA

Biodegradable plastics are part of solid waste management chain and we see this as a disruptive, simple and cost effective solution for plastic, packaging and food processing industries.

A Few products

  1. Hospital bags, Masks, Garbage bags, Fertilizer/ Grain Bags, Carry bags i.e. ANY BAG
  2. Water, Milk, Oil, Sugar, Grains and Pulses, Pharmaceuticals, Atta, Snacks etc
  3. Agricultural Mulch Films, Forest and Horticultural Films and bags, Jumbo Bags
  4. Automobile Oil, Lubricant, Pesticides Cans/Bottles, Paint Drums
  5. Cosmetics packaging, Shampoo sachets, PVC Leather, ABS, Nylon, PET bottles for Beverages and Water, Polycarbonate  packaging